Do you have to use karaoke cds with karaoke machines?

Answer Karaoke machines are compact disc (CD) players which have a graphic output function that displays the lyrics of the songs played. You can connect a karaoke player to your television or monitor, but... Read More »

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Does iTunes have karaoke songs?

Yes, iTunes has a comprehensive library of karaoke songs available for purchase. Prices range from $0.49 to $1.29. A karaoke version of a song is an instrumental version, allowing you to sing the l... Read More »

Does PS karaoke game play on regular blue ray?

Maybe. Some BD's are coded region-free, so can be played by a Blu-Ray player in any country. About 70% of the discs out there are region free, but most current releases from studios have region cod... Read More »

Does the Karaoke Revolution American Idol microphone work with Guitar Hero?

The Karaoke Revolution USB Microphone for the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 is compatible with other programs such as American Idol and Guitar Hero. The microphone supplied for the Wii is not comp... Read More »

Does the karaoke revolution american idol microphone for xbox 360 work with guitar hero?

Konami’s “Karaoke Revolution Presents: American Idol Encore” game comes with a USB microphone, which is compatible with the Activision “Guitar Hero” games that include vocal input capabil... Read More »