K.C and the Sunshine Band's song Boogie Shoes was on the sound track of what movie?

Answer Saturday Night Fever soundtrack in 1977. That really did turn the song into a very popular hit. Besides that soundtrack, the song has been featured on many other films, such as: No Escape (1994),... Read More »

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What does the name of the band rem stand for?

The name of the band R.E.M. doesn't actually stand for anything. In the band's early days when members were considering a number of names, lead singer Michael Stipe decided to randomly choose somet... Read More »

Whats the one band that you can't stand?

hmmm, i'd have to say.. any neo-corporate "rock" band (big on money, but not on talent), any punk "pop" band (a contradiction to say the least), all stupid corporate rappers (which would be about 9... Read More »

How to Make Your Band Stand Out?

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Why Does David Letterman after he comes out go back and look behind the band stand?

To tell ya the truth, I dont think anyone knows that answer, ahha