What does one wear on a hot first date when the lime green polyester leisure suit is at the dry cleaner?

Answer Primark are doing a version of that Lady Gaga meat frock just now.Accessorise with tartan wellingtons and a duck sitting on your head.

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Is Wearing Argyle Socks With My Lime Green Plaid Polyester Leisure Suit A Fashion Faux Pas?

Honey, In Kentucky you would be considered the, "cat's meow". I say wear the argyle socks. It will make you look not only fashionable but sporty. Kind of like a Tiger Woods , "cat's meow". :)Ha... Read More »

What color shoes would you wear with a navy dress with white polka dots and a lime green accent ribbon?

Why do guys wear their underwear under there swim suit when they go to the pool?

i've seen that alot because the waist band of the underwear is always exposed. so i'm wondering why would any one wear actual clothes while swimming? isn't that the point of swim-wear???

What does lime green represent?

Black... if your never shure what will go with a color pick black if u want to fit in but if you want to stand out pick white.