What does Jeff eastin of white collar mean when he says he's thinking about bringing kate back anne-rice style?

Answer The red headed character in CSI: Miami is named Horatio.

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What kind of face paint does Jeff hardy use?

He uses some special face paint but I found face paint just like his at a craft store because if you watch his face paint designs the crayon face paints are like Able to go over lines of your face... Read More »

What kind of bass does Jeff Bradetich play?

Jeff Bradetich is a musician, performer and teacher of the double bass. He has recorded six solo albums, including "Double Bass Portraits--A Musical Exhibition." In 2009, Bradetich released his boo... Read More »

What is the 123 count Jeff Foxworthy does after Are you Smarter than a 5th grader?

Farnborough Hill Roman Catholic convent Boarding School, School, Hampshire

Does Jeff Beck use guitar picks?

Guitar player Jeff Beck does not use a pick to play the guitar. Beck uses his finger for better agility and speed. He has said that his goal is to make a listener forget he is listening to a guita... Read More »