What does jack-o-lantern mean?

Answer A jack-o-lantern is a hollowed out pumpkin with carved eyes, nose and mouth. A lit candle or some other type of light is placed inside, and the pumpkin is usually placed outdoors on or around Hallo... Read More »

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How does one add a headphone analog audio out jack to a stereo TV which has only 2 tiny weak speakers and only a coaxial digital audio out orange RCA type jack?

You would have to purchase a Digital to Analog converter and connect the SPDIF (orange RCA connector) to the D/A converter's digital input via a RCA/SPDIF cable. Then you would have to connect some... Read More »

What kind of gun does Jack Bauer use on 24?

While Jack Bauer, portrayed by Kiefer Sutherland on Fox's "24," is known for using any weapon at his disposal, his weapon of choice is the HK USP Compact 9mm. It is a small pistol that is both reli... Read More »

What episodes does jack kiss sam sg1?

they are listed in this video...

What episodes does Jack kiss Sam in Stargate SG-1?