Songs on the Tropical Thunder cd?

Answer CD ONE01 Get Busy | Sean Paul 02 Whine Up | Kat DeLuna feat. Elephant Man 03 Move Ya Body | Nina Sky feat. Jabba 04 Snake | R. Kelly feat. Big Tigger 05 Never Leave You... Read More »

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My dr said having tubes tied and clipped burnt and tied is the same success rate you think he just tied mine you don't know and you are kinda wondering if you'll ever be able to get pregnant again?

My mothers (key word, lol) were tied, but not clipped and burnt. They can come un-done, medically and naturally, although not very common.

Will a common black snake seek shelter from thunder storms?

Black rat snakes (Elaphe obsoleta) are not particularly concerned about getting rained on, although they are by no means inclined to dwell in standing or rising water. Thunder shakes the ground an... Read More »

Are there tree rings in tropical trees?

Tree age rings are generally formed on a seasonal basis. With tropical trees, the lines between seasons can be blurred, meaning that a yearly evaluation of rings can be inaccurate. Certain breeds o... Read More »

How do I graft a tropical fruit tree?

ScionsCut foot-long green wood branches from the ends of the desired cultivar in early spring. These are called scions. Use a grafting blade, and make sure that the cut is at a deep angle (about 30... Read More »