What does Inconel coating mean?

Answer Inconel is an alloy composed of nickel, chromium and aluminum that is known for its resistance to oxidation. Inconel coatings add a layer of protection, as it is corrosion resistant even at high te... Read More »

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What is inconel used for?

According to the All Metals & Forge Group, an inconel is an alloy that provides protection from high temperatures, oxidation and multiple acids. Applications for inconels can be found in processes ... Read More »

When was inconel 625 invented?

In the May 2006 issue of Stainless Steel World Magazine, the article "Special Metals Corporation: Innovator of the future celebrates 100 years of excellence" reported that Inconel 625 was invented ... Read More »

What is inconel made of?

Inconels have many different compositions that vary slightly, but all are predominantly nickel with chromium added as the second element. Inconel retains its strength at high temperatures and is us... Read More »

What is the working temperature of inconel?

Inconel, a metal alloy, can be forged at temperatures ranging between 1,900 and 2,250 degrees Fahrenheit. Carry out cold working at room temperatures is possible, using soft die materials, such as ... Read More »