What does "ISO" stand for when used in camera settings?

Answer I believe it stands for International Standards Organization, but you don't really need to know that. It's your camera's sensitivity. In film photography, it's your film speed. Higher numbers in... Read More »

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HELP! how do you use ISO settings on a digital camera, like, when do you use what settings?

ISO is simply a measurement of the sensitivity to light of a light sensitive surface, either film or digital sensor. It is 1/3 of the Exposure Triangle, the other 2/3 being Aperture (aka f-stop) an... Read More »

I have a Beltronics V10 radar scanner. What settings do I put on and what does the letters stand for?

First off, it's not a scanner it's a radar detector. It detects if a cop is using a radar gun to clock vehicle speeds. Secondly, it should have come with a user manual... Read it, it helps.

Is there a iPhone camera stand that clips onto a mic stand?

Using my favorite browser, I searched "iphone mic stand" and got all sorts of hits.Then I went to ebay and used the same "iphone mic stand" string and got all sorts of hits.

Need help with camera settings?

Your exposure was way off on this picture. A scene 10 minutes after sunset using ISO 200 at f8 would require a 1/30 sec. shutter speed.*This site will fully explain the exposure triangle which is c... Read More »