What does ISO mean on digital cameras?

Answer ISO is a measure of sensitivity, the same as the old ASA, used to rate the speed of film in film cameras. Film that is very sensitive and works well for fast-action photographs or reasonably fast e... Read More »

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What does slr mean in digital cameras?

Cameras are generally categorized by type and function. Many professional photographers use SLR cameras because of the increased amount of control they can have in the picture-taking process. SLR m... Read More »

How does a Sony digital cybershot camera differ from Sonys other digital cameras?

Sony digital cybershots are different because they have a bigger lense and can zoom in farther and make images look better zoomed in. They also take steadier pictures. And if you want some more inf... Read More »

What is the diference between dslr cameras and digital high zoom cameras?

* the A57 has a sensor that is 15 times larger than the HX300* the A57 uses interchangeable lenses. The HX300 has a fixed zoom lens* the A57 can shoot in RAW. The HX300 cannot.* the quality of t... Read More »

What does IS stand for in digital cameras?

IS means 'Image Stabilizer' where in Canon Camera's a portion of the lens is moved to counteract camera shake which can cause blurry images.