What does ISO mean on a digital camera?

Answer ISO is similar to film speed on film cameras. Unlike aperture and shutter speed, ISO doesn't control how much light enters the camera, but instead controls how sensitive the camera is to that light... Read More »

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Hi I was wondering what does it mean when a digital camera has both an optical and digital zoom feature on it?

optical zoom means the lens itself retract for zooming and digital zoom means just cropping the image obtain total zooming means you combine the optical zoom and the digital zoom together... Read More »

What does EV mean on a digital camera?

What does CF mean on digital camera?

Answer Here's a guess: Card Full.If your card is full, then the camera won't take any more pictures. You need to upload the pictures to your computer, and then you erase your card.

What does iso mean on my digital camera ?

ISO is a measurement of the sensitivity to light of a light sensitive surface, whether film or digital sensor. A low ISO (25, 50, 100) is very insensitive and requires a lot of light. We use a low ... Read More »