What does IMAO mean in computer language?

Answer According to the Acronym Finder, IMAO means either In My Arrogant Opinion or In My Anal Opinion, and either starts or ends a statement that expresses a strong personal belief during chats or emails... Read More »

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Wat does "Imao"mean?

Laughing My A** Off, or ROFLMAO is Rolling on the Floor Laughing My A** Off.

What does"cd"mean in computer language?

A CD is a compact disc, a small, round polymer form that digitally stores audio, video, text and other data. CDs quickly became popular for playing back music and later also enabled users to record... Read More »

What does PDF in computer language mean?

PDF is short for Portable Document Format. Invented and developed by Adobe Systems, the PDF file format is designed to make digital documents portable, compact and capable of being opened by anyone... Read More »

What does 'default' mean in computer language?

if you have more than one internet browser, the default one will be used by the computer to access the internet unless you chose another. If you have more than one printer, set the one you use most... Read More »