10 PTS! How does IHOP cook their chicken ?


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Does IHop have any breakfast deals for 2?

IHOP really doesn't have any breakfast for two special going on currently. What i do know is that they do have pancake combos for like $7 which comes with eggs, hashbrowns and your choice of bacon,... Read More »

Does Ihop in elizabeth, new jersey deliver?

yes, they will overnight your chocoate chip pancakes to you with the syrup poured on them

Does being a waitress get easier / Working at ihop?

It simply takes time. Just make sure you write everything down, double check, and don't be afraid to ask other employees. iHop is easy too, just a lot of running around

What to order at iHOP if im on a diet?

Maple syrup thats it.mix it w/lemon juice.Enjoy!I actually heard some people claim that theres a maple syrup diet that works.