What does IDK mean Im Not Sure I'm Finding It Hard To Know What It Is...?

Answer idk means I don't know. You're reminding me of this… hehe

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What does continue case without a finding mean?

In certain states, to continue a case without a finding or to receive a continuance without a finding is an admission by a defendant in a case that there are sufficient facts to find him guilty. It... Read More »

What does "Electronic Shipping Info Received" mean i was tracking order and i dont know what it mean?

This means that UPS or Fed Ex (Which ever they used), has been notified for a pick-up... they don't have the package yet !

I know I should know. . .But what does lmao mean?

OK. Now we all know what lmao means, but what do the rest of the acronyms mean. This link should help. :-)…

Does anyone know for sure now, because on wikipedia it says he died. Do you know if Billy Idol died or not?