What does Hina mean in English?

Answer The name Hina can come from many different languages of origin. In Japanese it means "sunshine" or "greens." In Hindi, it means "myrtle vines." Hina is also the name of a goddess in certain Polynes... Read More »

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What does Hina mean?

Translating literally to "girl," the name Hina comes from Polynesian mythology. Hina is the name given to multiple goddesses across the Pacific. In Maori tradition, Hina is the brother of Maui and ... Read More »

What does ese mean in English?

The Spanish word "ese" literally means "that one." Mexican Americans commonly used it in slang form to mean homeboy, man, dude, guy or fellow Latino. For example, "Que pasa ese?" means "What's up, ... Read More »

What does"TGV"mean in english?

TGV stands for Train a Grande Vitesse, which translates into English as "high-speed train," according to EU Rail. The TGV is the high-speed train service that serves the country of France.Reference... Read More »

What does "ad hoc" mean in English?

Ad hoc is used in English to mean impromptu, improvised, temporary, something not planned in advance or created for one specific purpose, as in an "ad hoc meeting." The literal translation from Lat... Read More »