What Does a Coil Do in an HVAC System?

Answer The coil of an HVAC system performs two functions. First, it transfers heat from the air passing over it into the liquid contained within the cooling coils. Second, if the indoor dew point is highe... Read More »

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What Does a Negative Sub-Cooling Number Mean in HVAC Troubleshooting?

As with any highly technical field, the world of heating, ventilation and air conditioning, or HVAC, maintains a strange language all its own. Two phrases that appear regularly in this language, â€... Read More »

What sort of liability insurance does one need for a sole-proprietor HVAC Repair business?

(CGL) Commercial General Liability The type of insurance you need is called "Commercial General Liability" also sometimes referred to as "Contractors Liability Insurance" As an Sole Proprietor pro... Read More »

Why Does the HVAC System Not Blow Hot Air?

You depend on your HVAC system to keep you warm in winter by blowing hot air, not cool air, from the furnace. With most furnace units located in basements, garages and crawl spaces, they are “out... Read More »

How much does it cost to install hvac?

If your home is already equipped with duct work that is usable, it can cost you between $3,000 and $6,000 for HVAC installation. However, if you do not have the correct duct work, it can cost you b... Read More »