What does html o-p mean?

Answer The tag is generated in Microsoft Word and is related to the paragraph symbol---it is not necessary in a web-ready HTML layout. If you would like to get cleaner HTML files, copy your text into Not... Read More »

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What does ul mean in html ul?

Hyper text markup language, or HTML, is the language used to code web pages that are read by browsers such as Firefox or Internet Explorer. In HTML, the tag identifies an unordered list.Source:w3s... Read More »

What is html mean?

Imagine a document, with a link on it. If you click that link it may take you to . . .1. another page available in your own computer2. or to another page available in somebody else' computer, who ... Read More »

What HTML language does Shutterfly use?

Shutterfly uses .HTML with css stylesheets, with some .xml and javascript thrown in. In your browser, click "View." Then choose the submenu "View Source." Look for meta http-equiv="Content-Type" an... Read More »

What does HTML stand for in MS Word?

HTML stands for hypertext markup language in Microsoft Word. Hypertext markup language is a series of markup tags that describe web pages. The Word program gives users the option to save a Word d... Read More »