How many swimming pool lanes are at the Olympic Games?

Answer An Olympic swimming pool has 10 lanes. The Fédération Internationale de Natation sets the official dimensions for international swimming competitions. FINA requires eight lanes for ordinary compe... Read More »

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How many lanes are there in an Olympic size swimming pool?

The definition of an Olympic size swimming pool is 10 lanes each 2.5 meters wide, however to prevent the outside lanes being disadvantaged by having to compete with the waves bouncing off the sides... Read More »

How to Make a Pool Cue Stand?

One way to get exactly what you need in a pool cue stand is to make your own. Minimal woodworking skills ensure a stand that proudly displays your pool cues. Lumber choice is another added bonus wh... Read More »

How to Determine Which Pool Algaecide and Pool Clarifier Is Best for Your Swimming Pool?

Most pool supply distributors offer an astounding selection of algaecides and clarifiers for your swimming pool, and if you do not understand how they work, or what their uses are, it can be diffic... Read More »

How to Get on HOV Lanes?

When you are driving, STOP!, There's a major congestion and you really want to hurry up but there are HOV lanes or HOT lanes, or whatever it is. If you live in a urban city, there is maybe bad traf... Read More »