How many swimming pool lanes are at the Olympic Games?

Answer An Olympic swimming pool has 10 lanes. The Fédération Internationale de Natation sets the official dimensions for international swimming competitions. FINA requires eight lanes for ordinary compe... Read More »

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How many lanes are there in an Olympic size swimming pool?

The definition of an Olympic size swimming pool is 10 lanes each 2.5 meters wide, however to prevent the outside lanes being disadvantaged by having to compete with the waves bouncing off the sides... Read More »

Does a baby count for carpool lanes?

A carpool lane, or high-occupancy-vehicle (HOV) lane, is designed for vehicles with two or more passengers. If you have a child or infant in the car, that does count as having another passenger, so... Read More »

Why does Wal-Mart have 23 lanes and only keep 2 or 3 open?

Because wal-mart does not have enough workers when they do hire new people they only stay for about a week or two becuase of poor treatment, low pay, and lousy supervisors--you will never see wal-m... Read More »

Does a car pulling a trailor have to stay in the right two lanes?

Yes. except to pass a slower moving vehicle and then you need to return to the right hand lanes as soon as you have completed the pass. In most states you could get a ticket for remaining in the le... Read More »