What does HDTV mean?

Answer high definition television

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What does SPS HDTV mean?

Standard Positioning Service high definition television

What does diagonal mean in an LCD HDTV?

LCD HDTV screens are measured diagonally. When a TV is described as being 42 inches, it means that the distance from the upper left corner to the lower right corner of the screen is 42 inches.Refe... Read More »

What does class mean in hdtv?

The word "class" is used with HDTVs to describe a television whose diagonal size measurement has been rounded, usually up, to a whole number. For example, a 32-inch class HDTV could actually measur... Read More »

What does full 1080p HDTV mean?

HDTV 1080p is a description for any high definition television that has the ability to handle resolution at 1920 by 1080 pixels and also handle 24p content, such as in Blu-ray disc movies.Reference... Read More »