What does GUI stand for in computer terms?

Answer GUI in computer-lingo stands for Graphical User Interface. The term refers to an interface that utilizes graphics, rather than text for command inputs. The best example is a modern operating system... Read More »

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What does isa stand for in computer terms?

ISA stands for Industry Standard Architecture, which defined an expansion slot within the computer used to add boards for sound, graphics and peripherals. ISA slots were phased out in the early 200... Read More »

What does pc stand for in computer terms?

PC stands for "personal computer." A personal computer is intended for use by one individual at a time. Typically, a PC consists of a keyboard, monitor, mouse and system unit. However, modern PCs c... Read More »

What does NIC stand for in computer terms?

In computer jargon, NIC is a network interface card. This is a dedicated electronic chip that provides instructions enabling a computer to interact with other devices over a local area network or o... Read More »

In computer terms what does FTP stand for?

In computer terms, "FTP" stands for "File Transfer Protocol." FTP servers host files, and end users use FTP client software to download them or upload new content. Both Windows and Internet Explore... Read More »