What does GT stand for in sports cars?

Answer GT is seen in the name of some sports cars, such as the Ford Mustang GT. The suffix GT represents Grand Touring or Gran Turismo. A GT is supposed to be fast and comfortable. Some cars with a GT suf... Read More »

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Who was the sports interviewer on ESPN Sports who had his own show and was also a stand-up comic?

Why are sports cars more expensive?

Like many things specialized to a task, sports cars are almost always more expensive than commuter vehicles. This has as much to do with economics as it does with materials or engineering.Definitio... Read More »

Why are there no cheap sports cars?

>Why are there no cheap sports cars?Define cheap ? You can find "sports cars" that start around or even under the $20k mark new (and go way up from there).>...but that's just plastic and metal, an... Read More »

Top Japanese Sports Cars?

The top Japanese sports cars, according to "Car and Driver" magazine online, offer drivers comfort and style combined with the performance of more established sports cars. From Mitsubishi to Mazda,... Read More »