What does GI stand for in the military?

Answer GI refers to government issue, which was first used with military service members. It later came to be known as another word for soldiers. It first came into play during World War II.Source:Etymology

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What does BDU stand for in the military?

When a member of the military mentions the term BDU, he's referring to the battle dress uniform. The combat uniform consists of an undershirt, a shirt and a pair of pants that feature a camouflage ... Read More »

What does ETS stand for in the military?

What does DR stand for in the Military?

What does the military acronym ETS stand for?

ETS, also known as military code 201 on military separation documents, stands for Expiration, Term of Service. This is the estimated date that a person's active duty with the military will end.Sour... Read More »