What does DWM mean in military terms?

Answer Died While Missing

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What Does GI Mean in Military Terms?

There are many different meanings in the military for the term G.I. The term can refer to General Infantry, General Inductee, General Intelligence, Government Issue, General Issue, General Investig... Read More »

What does ETA mean in military terms?

ETA is a military acronym that most often means "estimated time of arrival." Sometimes, however, it can stand for other things, such as electronic transportation acquisition, electronics associatio... Read More »

What does ssg mean in military terms?

The most common use of the abbreviation SSG is in the United States Armed Forces, where SSG is used as an abbreviation for the rank of staff sergeant, according to the University of Cincinnati Army... Read More »

What does RPG mean in military terms?

unlike what most people think rpg does not stand for rocket propelled grenade but instead ruchnoy protivotankovyy granatomyot which is russian, which translates into hand held anti-tank grenade lau... Read More »