What does GFE mean in escort advertisements?

Answer In an escort service, the term "girlfriend experience," is abbreviated as "GFE," meaning that your escort will behave like a girlfriend to you. The meaning varies in terms of exact services, but ge... Read More »

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I hear it in advertisements but what does it mean?

À la carte. That means that you are ordering that item alone on the menu. À la carte would be ordering a hamburger. À la carte would NOT be ordering a hamburger combo meal.

How does wikipedia survive without advertisements and money What is source of it's income?

It survives on donations from gullible people. The Wikimedia Foundation raises several million dollars each year, even though one million dollars would be quite enough to keep the website running a... Read More »

How much does Nike spend on advertisements?

According to Nike's 2009 10-K report (their annual filing to the Securities and Exchange Commission), the company spent $97.6 million on "Advertising and Marketing." Nike also spent an additional $... Read More »

How does wikipedia stay online if it doesn't have any advertisements?

Because lots of people donate to it.Every year they ask for more and more money, even though maintenance costs have barely increased and they have enough stashed away in a bank account to keep it r... Read More »