What does GFE mean in escort advertisements?

Answer In an escort service, the term "girlfriend experience," is abbreviated as "GFE," meaning that your escort will behave like a girlfriend to you. The meaning varies in terms of exact services, but ge... Read More »

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Are the Y!A advertisements trying to tell me something?

OMG u r pregnate!Basically, Yahoo is telling you to have all the sex you want, and not to worry about those pesky babbies in your belly that result from it. We have a pill for every ill.Congrats!

How do i add advertisements to web pages?

Obtain Advertiser CodeGet the code for the advertisement to place on your website. If someone has purchased an advertisement from you they can send the code to you. If you are advertising an affili... Read More »

Who is the audience of BBC advertisements?

Check related links for one website. Or you can google for the videos that you want to watch, just type what it is your looking for online at google.

Pornography advertisements?

Never click the un-subscribe button on any spam mail. All that does is confirm to the spammers that your e mail address is valid and active and then you get more spam.