Is folate the same as folic acid?

Answer Yes

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What part of the body and how does the flu attack the body?

Answer: respiratory system, mostlyI am copying an answer I gave a while back to a question about how influenza can affect the respiratory system. _____There are a few different main strains of infl... Read More »

Why does my body look extremely better but body fat never changes on the scale?

No scales can measure body fat% correctly.I have a scales that measure it, but it says I'm 4% body fat, which means I should be suffering from organ failure.My body fat is about 13% its only out b... Read More »

What does omega 3 do for the body?

A little omega-3 a day may not always keep the doctor away, but it does bolster heart health, improve brain function and get this -- slow down aging in the body. Study after ongoing study confirm t... Read More »

What does vitamin b do for the body?

Boost metabolism Maintain healthy skin and muscle tone Enhance immune and nervous system functioning Promote cell growth and division — including that of the red blood cells that help prevent ane... Read More »