What does FTP stand for when using a computer?

Answer FTP stands for "file transfer protocol." It is the means by which files are transferred between computers and uploaded to websites. You can use FTP through a web browser or with special software.So... Read More »

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Whats does Ghz stand for when your buying a computer?

G Hz = GigahertzThere is a clock inside your processor or CPU which cycles each second.This is called a Clock Cycle, or Frequency.Here are the basic scientific powers of 10Kilo, "k" = 1 thousand or... Read More »

Why does my video capture keep dropping frames when i'm using a brand new computer?

Your computer should do fine for video capture, make sure you have no other programs running and that your HD is defragged. If you still have problems is probably related to your HD. Video takes lo... Read More »

Why does my screen resolution keep resetting when I restart my computer using LINUX Ubuntu?

Try these instructions.If these do not work I would suggest that you either search the ubunutu users list or subscribe and post a message. I have found them to be very helpful.Good luck

What does NIC stand for on a computer?

On a computer, a Network Interface Card (NIC) is an add-on card for a computer that contains a port for you to connect the computer to a network. In modern computers, the NIC is often a permanent p... Read More »