What does FM stand for on the radio dial?

Answer The radio term "FM" means "frequency modulation". Unlike AM (amplitude modulation) radio signals which are subject to static, FM transmissions have few problems with interference and tend to produc... Read More »

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What radio dial is BBC Radio 1?

What name was applied to the two emergency information radio stations 640 and 1240 on the dial?

The radio stations 640 KHz and 1240 KHz were established as CONELRAD stations in 1952. CONELRAD, a shortened form of "Control of Electromagnetic Radiation," was intended to inform the American publ... Read More »

What does HD stand for in HD radio?

HD originally stood for "Hybrid-Digital" in HD radio, meaning that the digital radio channels were contained within the analog channels. This is no longer the case, so now "HD" is just a label for ... Read More »

What does XM Radio stand for?

In radio terms, XM stands for no modulation, whereas AM stands for amplitude modulation and FM stands for frequency modulation. XM radio programs are digitized and compressed before being transmitt... Read More »