What does the FICA on my check deductions stand for?

Answer FICA on your paycheck stands for the Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA). These check deductions are more commonly referred to as Social Security taxes. The Social Security system provides... Read More »

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What does FICA stand for on a check stub?

FICA stands for Federal Insurance Contribution Act. All workers except college students taking more than six credit hours and certain Nonresident Aliens must pay FICA taxes. The taxes fund the Unit... Read More »

What does FICA-MED on my paycheck deductions stand for?

The abbreviation "FICA" on paychecks stands for Federal Insurance Contributions Act, which is commonly known as the Social Security tax. The abbreviation "MED" stands for Medicare. FICA and Medicar... Read More »

What does FICA mean on your paycheck?

According to the Social Security Administration, FICA, or the Federal Insurance Contribution Act, describes taxes collected to pay for Social Security benefits. In addition to Social Security, FICA... Read More »

Does having a balance over the limit affect a fica score?

On One Hand: Over-Limit Balances HurtBeing over your credit limit will hurt your FICO score. Thirty percent of the FICO score considers your level of debt, which includes the amount of available cr... Read More »