What does "Esc" stand for on my keyboard?

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What does Hz stand for on a musical keyboard?

On a musical keyboard, the number in front of Hz identifies the keyboard's standard pitch, which is the perceived frequency of sound produced by it. Hz, short for Hertz, is a unit of frequency of o... Read More »

How to Adjust a Keyboard Stand?

Portable keyboards have made life much easier on keyboard players who travel and play music. Packing up and moving a portable keyboard is far less work and effort than moving a Hammond organ or a b... Read More »

What does a QWERTY keyboard stand for?

A QWERTY keyboard is named for the six keys in its upper left section. The layout was designed to prevent the typebars on typewriters from jamming. The same layout is used for computers.References:... Read More »

What does the "Fn" button on my laptop keyboard stand for?

I think it might stand for fornication. lol