What does Err CF mean on my camera?

Answer It means there is a problem with your Compact Flash card.It may need reformatting.It may not be in the slot properly.It may be damages or the contcts might be dirty.

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If there are horizontal grainy lines on an image taken by a digital camera does it mean the camera has been destroyed?

If the lines are on the print, your printer heads need cleaning.

What does SLR camera mean?

"Single Lens Reflex". It means (among other things) that what you see looking through the viewfinder is what will be on the film.

What does SLR mean in a camera?

"SLR" means single lens reflex. What that means is that what you see through the eyepiece is directly through the lens - in other words what you see is exactly what you get. The way it works is tha... Read More »

On a camera what does MB mean?

mb means megabyte which is storage capacity in computers, flash cards, etc