What does Emily mean in Latin?

Answer The name Emily is of Latin origin. It means "industrious" or "striving," according to It is derived from the feminine form of Aemilius, a Roman surname. Famous Emilys include writer Em... Read More »

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Is the name Emily the best name ever?

Emily is not the best name ever Fiona is

What does Emily mean in Arabic?

In Arabic, the name Emily means "flower." Emily is a girl’s name that is of English origin. Some famous Emilys include Emily Dickinson, Emily Post, Emily Watson and Emily Bronte.References:Arabic... Read More »

What does Emily mean in French?

Emily is a female version of the name Emile, both of which are French and mean industrious, eager or laborious, from the Latin name Aemilia. Variations include Amalia, Amelia, Ameline, Emelita, Emm... Read More »

How to Be Like Emily Osment?

Emily Osment's Album Cover - All the Way UpIf you want to learn more about how to be like fabulous actress and more, Emily Osment, you have come to the right place, so keep reading! I will teach yo... Read More »