What does Elladara mean in Greek?

Answer "Elladara" is the English translation of a colloquial Greek word (Ελλαδάρα) meaning the nation of Greece itself. It is a contemporary offshoot of some other terms for Greece, including the ... Read More »

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What does Y mean in Greek?

The character Y in Greek is the 20th letter of the classical alphabet, which is known as "upsilon." In its numerical meaning, the letter Y is representative of the value 400.Source:Omniglot: Greek ... Read More »

What does"Chris"mean in Greek?

The name Chris, which is often used as a nickname for Christopher, is a Greek name. In Greek, the name directly translates to Bearer of Christ. The Greek word Christos translates to "Christ" while ... Read More »

What does Stephanie mean in Greek?

The name Stephanie is Greek by origin and is feminine for Stephen and means crown, crowned or garland. The names Stephen and Stephania were very popular in the early Christian Era as it comes from... Read More »

What does agape mean in Greek?

Agape is the Greek word for love. Most scholars agree this specifically references a selfless, spiritual love.The Greeks have at least two other words for love: philia, friendship; and eros, altrui... Read More »