What does EWCM mean in relation to pregnancy?

Answer EWCM in relation to pregnancy or fertility means Egg White Cervical Mucus. It means that the cervical mucus is stretchy, abundant, wet and pretty clear, like a raw egg white. This type of cervical ... Read More »

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What does BFN mean in relation to pregnancy?

BFN in relation to pregnancy or fertility means "Big Fat Negative". This is a common acronym or abbreviation used on fertility websites and blogs. It means that a pregnancy test came up negative.S... Read More »

What does ROA mean in relation to late pregnancy?

Answer ROA stands for Right-Occipito-Anterior which means that the back of your baby's head (occiput) is to to your right and to the front (anterior) which is a very good position as when you go i... Read More »

What does TL-TWA mean in relation to silica gel?

TLV-TWA stands for threshold limit value and time weighted average. According to The Linde Group, this indicates "the time-weighted average concentration for a normal 8 hour workday and a 40 hour w... Read More »

What does apr mean in relation to mortgages?

When you are looking to purchase a home, the lender will quote an annual percentage rate (APR). The APR represents your cost of borrowing funds. It is a net effective rate that allows you to compar... Read More »