What does EWCM mean in relation to pregnancy?

Answer EWCM in relation to pregnancy or fertility means Egg White Cervical Mucus. It means that the cervical mucus is stretchy, abundant, wet and pretty clear, like a raw egg white. This type of cervical ... Read More »

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What does BFN mean in relation to pregnancy?

BFN in relation to pregnancy or fertility means "Big Fat Negative". This is a common acronym or abbreviation used on fertility websites and blogs. It means that a pregnancy test came up negative.S... Read More »

What does ROA mean in relation to late pregnancy?

Answer ROA stands for Right-Occipito-Anterior which means that the back of your baby's head (occiput) is to to your right and to the front (anterior) which is a very good position as when you go i... Read More »

In relation to the brim in pregnancy why would your midwife put free on your notes?

Answer It just means that the baby's head is not yet fixed in your pelvis, it can still move from side to side.If you are 36 weeksor less this is quite normal, as it is if it is your second or sub... Read More »

How many days of EWCM do you get in a cycle?

I know that 1-5 days is the normal amount of time women experience EWCM, and some women don't experience it at all.For me, EWCM tends to last 3-4 days.Is it truely EWCM you're experiencing for seve... Read More »