What does EV and 1x mean on my cell phone?

Answer EV or EVDO is a high speed internet technology over cdma(Sprint, Verizon) networks, 1x is internet at 1/10 the speed of evdo. It varies from one to the other since EVDO is not always available in a... Read More »

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What does EV mean on a cell phone?

"EV" is the symbol for EVDO, which stands for Evolution Data Only/Optimized. EVDO is a mobile broadband service. When EV appears on a cell phone, it means the user can access the Internet if he has... Read More »

What does e on a cell phone mean?

A bold-face, lower case letter e is used throughout Europe as a symbol meaning estimated. For instance, a cell phone in Europe with an e symbol next to a weight--either on the item itself, or on i... Read More »

What does TTY mean on a cell phone?

A TeleTypewriter, or TTY, is a device used by deaf people to send text messages across analogue telephone lines. TTY adapters for cellular telephones allow you to hook up and use a compatible cellu... Read More »

What does mms mean on cell phone?

Multimedia Message - has pictures, videos, or music in the message