What does Duac Topical Gel do for your skin?

Answer Duac Topical Gel, made by Stiefel Laboratories, is designed to help acne heal by increasing skin turnover and the of clearing of skin pores. Duac contains 5 percent benzoyl peroxide, which kills th... Read More »

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What is duac topical gel use for?

Topical remedy to heal skin?

Increasing the growth rate of skin cells is generally not good. There are really no magical substances that cause wounds to heal much faster. Salicyclic acid probably isn't very helpful to your wou... Read More »

Topical or Internal Treatments for Dogs With Skin Allergies?

Like their human counterparts, dogs can have allergies that affect their skin. These allergies can cause redness, inflammation, itching, biting and even loss of fur. Fortunately, dog skin allergies... Read More »

Does duac work?

On One Hand: Clinically Shown to Reduce AcneFive studies have shown Duac to be effective in treating acne. The FDA reports that, while Duac contains benzoyl peroxide, Duac was shown to be more effe... Read More »