What does Dr. Pepper have a PhD in?

Answer if its Dr. Pepper Schwartz, she has a phd in sociology, if your talking about the soda Dr.Pepper, they have a phd in diabetes.

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What pepper is hotter jalapeno pepper or a Chile pepper?

I believe that a jalapeño pepper is a type of chili pepper. Um it is

How tall a pot does a patio pepper plant have to have?

The pot should be about double the size of the plant and if the roots are long then you can put the plant in a deeper pot or you can trim the roots. Repot when the plant begins to outgrow the pot ... Read More »

What is the difference between cayenne pepper&red pepper?

The cayenne pepper is the red ripe fruit of the capsicum plant, according to the Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary. In its powdered form, it is called red pepper.Other names of the cayenne pe... Read More »

I have to ask this: what flavour IS Dr Pepper?

I was told, by a reliable source, it is carbonated prune juice. The more I drink it, the more it tastes like carbonated prune juice = )