What does Dental Warranty on a Mouth Guard mean?

Answer Probably something along the lines of " if you have a dental injury that does not exceed 32000 dollars they will pay for your dental costs".

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What does better the fox to guard the hens and the wolf to guard the sheep mean?

What Does a Warranty Deed in Florida Mean?

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How does a mouth guard stop you from clenching/grinding your teeth & how effective are they?

Hi! I've got one, got it a year ago and it works! Cost me about the same as your estimate.You do clench on it to start with, but not as much as teeth to teeth, as you get used to it you stop comple... Read More »

What is one quadrant of the mouth under dental insurance?

There are four sets of teeth in the mouth viz. upper right, upper left, lower right and lower left. So I guess answer should be the insurance to any one of these quadrants. Answer no expert here b... Read More »