What is the origin of the name"Deborah"?

Answer The name "Deborah" is of Hebrew origin and is a form of "Devorah," which means "bee." In the Bible's book of Judges, Deborah is a prophetess who leads Israel to victory. Reaching its height of popu... Read More »

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What is the meaning of the name Deborah?

The name Deborah is Hebrew in origin and means "bee." In the Bible, she is a prophetess (one of only five women in the Bible to be called such) and judge of Israel. Her "Song of Deborah" is part of... Read More »

Did Deborah Harry have any siblings?

Crafts for Children About Deborah in the Book of Judges?

The craft project you complete about the Bible story of the Israelite judge Deborah will determine if students come away with a tangible connection to the story or forget it altogether. Due to her ... Read More »

In what episode of everybody loves Raymond does Deborah cook an Italian dish that everybody loves?

The episode is called "Debra Makes Something Good". It is episode #91, and is the 18th episode of season 4.

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