I tryed to install Dawn of War, I keep getting an error about a spooge driver. Does anyone know what that is?

Answer Possible solutions:1. Make sure that your card can actually run Dawn of War. Here's an (incomplete) list:Cards that will run Dawn of War-ATI Radeon 8500 and above-Nvidia Geforce 2 and aboveCards th... Read More »

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Does Spyro die in Dawn of the Dragon?

At the end of Dawn of the Dragon, game hero Spyro does appear to die. After Spyro saves the planet, he vanishes, and his friends spot a newly formed dragon constellation in the heavens. However, ga... Read More »

Why does a rooster crow at dawn?

The rooster is well-known for his noisy early morning call. It is described in story books, children's songs and folklore. While many people don't keep roosters themselves, this legendary accomplis... Read More »

When does breaking dawn come out in theaters?

I Know Part 2 Will be in 3D, I found that out when I auditioned.

Does Dawn dish detergent contain lanolin?

As of 2010, Dawn dish detergent does not contain lanolin. One type of Dawn dish detergent, Dawn Hand Renewal with Olay, does contain vitamin E to soften hands, but lanolin is not present.Source:PG:... Read More »