What does 'DV' stand for in a video camera?

Answer Digital Videoin other casesDV Digital VideoDV Domestic ViolenceDV Daily Values (Nutrition Facts in US)DV Daily VariationDV Dark Vengeance (computer game)DV Darling Violetta (band)DV Darth VaderDV D... Read More »

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What does ISO stand for on a camera?

According to the website SLRPhotographyGuide, ISO stands for International Organization for Standardization, the organization that measures the speed of film. On a camera, an ISO setting is the fil... Read More »

What does sd stand for in a camera?

Secure digital cards often go by the name of SD. They are simply small cards that plug into your digital camera slot and provide storage for you to save pictures. The larger the SD card, the more p... Read More »

What does ISO stand for in a camera?

ISO stands for International Standards Organization. The ISO specification for a camera, whether digital or film-based, describes the equivalent "film speed," or light sensitivity, of the imaging s... Read More »

What does VR stand for in a camera?

When referring to cameras, VR stands for vibration reduction. VR technology reduces the blur that can result from low light, wind or a camera shake. The resulting image is sharp and clear with no i... Read More »