What does DTP mean for printing?

Answer DTP stands for desktop publishing, which is the use of a desktop computer along with layout software for the production of various types of publications. These publications can be outputted to a hi... Read More »

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What does the printing on my earring mean?

That's mine. My real name is Ec. Please send it to me right away, thanks!Kidding, as you probably guessed... Some diamonds have microscopic laser-etched serial numbers, but you'd have to have a ... Read More »

In general does printing in colour cost more than printing in black only I have a HP colour laserjet.?

Yes certainly color printing costs more.The black ink is made mainly from cheap Carbon black or some other cheap material. All other three inks are made of much costly ingredients. Black ink is tot... Read More »

What is more accurate digital printing or offset printing?

Most arguments you see on offset printing vs digital printing comes from the perspective of someone that has a interest in one or the other technology. Offset is usually looked at as the higher qu... Read More »

Aside from greyscale printing, is there a tool for printing in red scale?

yes, if you have adobe photoshop you can print in whatever color scale you want