What does DOE mean on a job description?

Answer Job descriptions often incorporate abbreviations. In the common phrase, "compensation DOE," the abbreviation "DOE" stands for "depends on experience." This phrase lets the reader know that the sala... Read More »

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What does DIS mean in a job description?

The meaning of the abbreviation or acronym "DIS" depends on the type of job and the context for the use of the letters---in reference to a position, employer or project/duties. For example, DIS is ... Read More »

What does MRP& ERP mean in a job description?

The MRP acronym stands for Materials Resource Planning, and refers to a computerized scheduling system for materials requirements in manufacturing facilities. ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Pla... Read More »

What Does MRP & ERP Mean in a Job Description?

Material requirements planning (MRP) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) are essential parts of a company's decision-making mechanisms. Senior leadership uses both operating tools to improve com... Read More »

What does a job description mean to a union?

Labor unions rely on formal job descriptions to a great degree when determining each employee's duties to his employer. Union members are generally not required to perform any duties that are not e... Read More »