What does DNLE stand for on a Samsung HDTV?

Answer Samsung's digital natural image engine (DNIe) improves clarity, color and detail of images on digital televisions. DNIe makes images appear more natural. It was developed by Samsung Electronics, an... Read More »

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What does HDTV stand for?

Why does my Samsung HDTV keep shutting off all of a sudden?

You may be having an HDMI handshake issue. Are you using an HDMI cable to attach the box to your tv? If so, try using some component cables instead and see if you have better results. Component ca... Read More »

Why does my new Samsung LCD HDTV look so blurry and grainy?

I have personally installed multiple audio/video products and can tell you that one of two things is wrong here. either the tv is malfunctioning (highly unlikely) or the source resolution does not ... Read More »

Does the Samsung LN 32A450 hdtv have sound leveler?

Yes, the Samsung LN 32A450 LCD HDTV has sound leveler. According to its User Manuel, the feature is called: Auto Volume. On page 37 of the User Manual under the heading "Automatic Volume Control" ... Read More »