What does DIN mean when applied to car stereo sizes?

Answer DIN stands for Deutsche Institut fur Normung. The DIN format is the industry standard size for car radio slots. A single-DIN unit is 7.2 inches wide and 2.11 inches in height. A double-DIN unit is ... Read More »

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What does"filter applied"mean in Microsoft Outlook?

"Filter Applied," appearing in the status bar in the lower left corner of a Microsoft Outlook window, means that you are viewing a subset of the total data on file, filtered by user-specified crite... Read More »

What does the b mean in shoe sizes?

Shoes are measured by length and width. The width of the shoe is measured in letters. In women's shoes, a B-width is a standard or medium width. In men's shoes, B designates a narrow width.Source:... Read More »

What Does"EE"Mean in Shoe Sizes?

EE is a size in the width-measuring system of shoes. The midpoint of your foot is measured to determined what size width shoes you need. From narrowest to widest, sizes in the width measurement sys... Read More »

What does D or EE mean on work boot sizes?

D and EE represent width sizes on boots. Sizes range from AAA, the narrowest, to EEE, the widest. Size D is considered medium for men, while size B is medium for women. EE represents a very wide sh... Read More »