What does a&r stand for in the music industry?

Answer A&R stands for "artist and repertoire." Employees in that department of a music label scout for new singers and bands, and then select the music that should be included in recordings.Source:The Fre... Read More »

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What does API stand for in the pharmaceutical industry?

API, according to Drug Development-Technology, stands for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and is used to denote active chemicals used in the manufacturing process of drugs. Bulk Drug Substance is... Read More »

Question on HDTVs. What is EPG and DMA stand for in TV industry Which HDTV is better (details inside)?

follow theses links. they should wxplain everything. hope they help!

What does the term gate mean to the airline industry?

In the airline industry, a gate is an area in an airport terminal building where passengers board or disembark an airplane. A gate usually has a waiting area with chairs for the passengers and an e... Read More »

How does the airline industry define a stopover?

A stopover is an agreement between the passenger and the airline, made in advance, to interrupt a scheduled flight. It differs from a layover, because the airline includes a layover as part of thei... Read More »