What does D: mean in chats?

Answer that your upset.basically, opposite of :D

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What does :L mean in online chats?

It looks like that emoticon is having a stroke. It reminds me of how the :/ emoticon looks like. There is a reference in urban dictionary I found. It doesn't seem like it's a well known emoticon, o... Read More »

Hello, does anyone know a Messenger who chats with MSN, Yahoo Google & Skype at the same time?

download the software TRILLIAN and you can chat in all of them at the same time. you can get trillian in its free to

Guy who chats a lot on facebook, but quiet IRL?

Approximately i had the same problem of this guy, just dont let it closed up on facebook, bring him with your friends and make some fun out of the house, let him get some generous friends and he wi... Read More »

Roosevelt's "fireside chats" were?

B. Radio Broadcasts (Wrong category but good question!)