What does D& R mean on BlackBerry Messenger?

Answer BlackBerry Messenger allows users to quickly send messages back and forth. The service displays a "D" beside messages that have been delivered to the recipient and an "R" beside messages that have ... Read More »

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Does the blackberry messenger support yahoo messenger?

BlackBerry Messenger and Yahoo! Messenger are two different messaging applications, but both supported are by BlackBerry mobile devices. If you want to use Yahoo! Messenger, you must download it to... Read More »

How much media does BlackBerry Messenger use?

BlackBerry Messenger, or BBM, as it sometimes called, does use data to send PIN instant messages. BlackBerry recommends a data plan; however, it generally consumes only a small amount per message. ... Read More »

Does the iPhone 4S have Blackberry Messenger?

no, it does not. however, it does have iMessage

Why has blackberry messenger&blackberry app world vanished from my phone?

delete the theme and go on your computer download it from the app world online and copy and paste to your phone ! if it doesnt work the orange shop probbly will just state the obvious but depends, ... Read More »