What does Cu stand for on the periodic table?

Answer Cu represents the element copper on the periodic table of elements. Copper is a reddish metal and is commonly used in wiring due to its malleability and high conductivity. Copper's alloys include b... Read More »

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What Does CH4 Stand for on the Periodic Table?

On the periodic table, C stands for carbon and H stands for hydrogen. CH4 is the chemical formula for methane, a molecule comprised of one carbon atom bonded to four hydrogen atoms.Source:CFC StarT... Read More »

What does Na stand for on the periodic table?

On the periodic table, the symbol Na represents sodium. According to Web Elements, sodium is a Group 1 element, or an alkali metal, and its atomic number is 11. Sir Humphry Davy was the first to is... Read More »

What does Ni stand for on the Periodic Table?

The element Ni is nickel, a member of the transition metals in the Periodic Table of Elements. It was discovered in Sweden in 1751 by Axel Cronstedt. The name originates from the German word kupf... Read More »

What does h stand for on the periodic table?

The Periodic Table of the Elements uses symbols such as the letter H to represent various elements. The letter H on this table stands for hydrogen. Hydrogen was discovered in 1766.Source:Chemical E... Read More »