What does Control+c and Control+ V do when you hit it on the computer?

Answer ctrl+c = copyctrl+v= pastectrl+a= select allctrl+x= cutctrl+z= undoctrl+d= deletectrl+p= print

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What does computer numerical control mean?

Computer numerical control (CNC) is an automated program designed to administer various operations through the use of microcomputers. This automation is programmed to follow mathematical figures. T... Read More »

On my computer when i do control + alt + del its says task manager has been disabled by your administrater?

Note. You need windows XP, i don't know if it would work on vista.ask the admin to unblock it, if you want to get in and change his/her password (and you know they'll allow it), make sure you have ... Read More »

What does it mean when a computer shuts down when plugging in the hard drive?

Under normal operation, a computer should not shut down when you plug in an external device. Conversely, a computer should never be powered on when you're attaching internal devices. A system crash... Read More »

Why does my computer all of a sudden go slow and I can't control the mouse pointer or the scrolling wheel?

If it is intermittent:Do you have a virus check that is on a regular schedule?That would do it when it comes on to do the check.It could also be programs set to download updates when you get online... Read More »