What does Class "A" refurbished item mean?

Answer Refurbished item or pre-own item have 3 classes.Class A include everything, product, device, CD, manual, cables, accessories, batteries, remotes, power adapters, everything, the same content you wi... Read More »

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What is meant by a refurbished item on ebay?

A refurbished item on eBay is any product that may be new or used, but has been re-manufactured and repackaged to like-new condition. Most manufacturers or sellers offer refurbished items at discou... Read More »

What does Xbox 360 refurbished mean?

A refurbished Xbox 360 is a unit that has been either repaired or rebuilt to work as if it were new. They are normally either returns or trade-ins that have been fixed or repaired. A refurbished Xb... Read More »

What does Refurbished really mean?

Hi!!It is basically a used computer and has been refurbished... Sort of like the computer has been tuned up.. They are economical but don't expect it to last more then 2 to 3 years. I purchased a H... Read More »

What does refurbished laptop mean?

Refurbished just means someone bought the device before, if they took it back it will 90 percent of the time be sent back to the company that produced it to make sure it is in working order and res... Read More »