Who is Claire Carter BBC?

Answer It's called VCR and it's by a band called the XX. funny that, x marks the ballot box, the BBC are playing with our subconscious.

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What is the origin of the name Claire?

The name Claire originated from Latin, the language of Ancient Rome. It then passed through French into English. Claire means "clear," "bright" or "famous." In the year 2009, it was the 53rd most p... Read More »

Who was Claire Burke?

Claire Burke was an interior designer who launched a home fragrance line made with potpourri. Claire Burke decided home fragrances could be an extension of interior design, incorporating accessorie... Read More »

Are claire's glasses UV protected?

If you can afford to travel , then surely you can afford a better quality sunglass than the toys Claire's sells.Get something good from any optical store or Sunglass Hut.

How much does a piercing cost at Claire's?

Here is all the info: (claire's website)…AND Ardene offers some too > i don't know if you know that store :/